About us

The south west physician associate network (SWPAN) was formed in January 2021 by 4 Health Education England Physician Associate (PA) Ambassadors with the overarching goal of creating a central hub for PA's across the south west and to contribute to the development and overall betterment of the profession both regionally and nationally.

At the SWPAN we aim to:

  • Formulate a central hub for PAs across the south west to network in order to create professional cohesion and common professional goals.

  • Promote the PA workforce through various media, mediums and relationships with key stakeholders.

  • Offer guidance to employers about the PA profession in both primary and secondary care.

  • Encourage general practices to take on PA student placements to increase training opportunities.

  • Offer mentoring, support and advice for those entering the profession as well as supporting the continuing professional development of the already qualified.

  • Offer advice and insight for prospective PA students.

  • Build an evidence base for the current PA workforce in the south west.

  • Pioneer and innovate with the PA community for the overall betterment of the profession.