CPD Resources and Events

Radiopaedia is a free radiology reference tool with over 40,000 cases and 14,000 articles available to healthcare professionals.

Up-To-Date is a clinical decision support resource which evidence has shown to improve patient care (requires institutional access).

E-LFH is an online e-learning resource organised by Health Education England which is free for NHS staff.

The Resuscitation Council UK formed in 1983 and is an organisation that is focused on resus guidelines, policy, training and research.

Life In The Fast Lane is a e-learning website with a focus on critical care and emergency medicine and created by Australasian critical care physicians and nurses.

The British Medical Journal started as a medical journal more than 180 years ago but now provides a vast array of medical resources. One brilliant resource is their BMJ Learning Platform which can be found here.

The RCPE is one of the royal colleges that sets the specialty training standards for doctors and runs a number of interesting events.

MIMS is an online e-learning platform for all types of healthcare professionals. It contains over 550 learning modules and 400 CPD hours.